Terms and Conditions

BrightPoint for Children, Inc. and our dba Child Sponsorship Services is a registered 501(c)(3) organization with EIN# 26-0251918. All donations and sponsorship payments made to BrightPoint for Children are 100% tax deductible under IRS regulations unless otherwise specified at the time of the donation.

Method of Payment

You authorize BrightPoint for Children to charge your account at the frequency and in the amounts designated by you during the donation or sponsorship sign-up process. All amounts will be billed via the method of payment you designate. Any credit or debit card charge will appear as "Child Sponsorship" on your statement.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your sponsorship at any time by emailing connect@childsponsorshipservices.org or calling us at 770-559-9338. Once we are notified and process your cancellation, we will begin finding a new sponsor so your child's support can continue uninterrupted. We would appreciate you giving us as much lead time as possible.

Tax Statements

By January 31st of each year, we will provide you with a statement itemizing each of your contributions in the previous calendar year. Although we may with some contributions give you an individual receipt of your donation, our standard practice will be to provide to you an annual summary statement as written acknowledgment of your contribution(s).

Refund Policy

Donations or sponsorship payments to BrightPoint for Children, like all charitable donations, are not refundable. BrightPoint for Children may consider, at our discretion and within IRS guidelines, a refund if the donation was made accidentally or there are extenuating circumstances. A written request must be made to BrightPoint for Children within 48 hours of the donation in order to be considered for a refund. BrightPoint for Children will not issue a refund after the donated funds have been forwarded to a Partner.