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Making a difference for vulnerable children worldwide

As the calendar flips from June to July, it signals the start of summer. Since it is vacation season, I thought I’d share a story from a recent trip to Florida. While walking the beach and looking for shells one morning, I noticed my daughter was picking up random ones that were chipped and pretty small. Feeling like maybe she had missed the point, I commented that I was watching for big ones that were near perfect. She explained that she was looking for ones that were, “beautiful but a little bit broken.” When asked why, she replied, “Those are more interesting.” In the end, I decided I might have been the one who missed the point. I was scanning for perfection while my daughter was scanning for possibility.

The start of summer has also sent many of us back into international terminals after dusting off our passports. Thousands of leaders and volunteers are finally face to face with the vulnerable children they love and serve for the first time in over 2 years. The photos coming in from the field are full of huge smiles and bear hugs.

Here at home, May 30th marked an incredible day in the life of BrightPoint for Children – our 15th anniversary! Our co-founders, Justin Brasuell and Steve Smith, likely never imagined the degree of impact they would have while sitting around a table considering names for the organization. Our entire team, past and present, is so grateful for their combined vision and the way each invested his own skillset and God-given gifts to shape the organization into what it is today. BrightPoint for Children has disbursed almost $23 million to our trusted partners worldwide since our inception in 2007.

We are excited for our future and will continue to serve our partners in order to see every impoverished or vulnerable child achieve his or her potential. Much like looking through a telescope instead of a microscope, we are scanning for possibility over perfection in the second half of the year.

Will you join us in making a greater difference for more children worldwide?

  • $60 supports 1 child
  • $120 supports 2 children
  • $240 supports 4 children
  • $480 supports 8 children
  • $960 supports 16 children
  • Other amounts are welcome




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