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A tragic consequence of high numbers of adult deaths from COVID-19 is that high numbers of children have now lost their parent or caregiver. Globally, from March 1, 2020, to April 30, 2021, more than 1 MILLION children worldwide had lost a primary or secondary caregiver - creating a parallel pandemic of orphanhood. The important question is, “Can we DO MORE to brighten the lives of these vulnerable children?”

This year, relief efforts have continued and interventions have expanded even while faced with famine in Africa, flooding in Honduras and earthquakes in Haiti. Through it all, our ministry partners and sponsors have continued to build relationships across the so-called barriers of culture, language and geography.

This year, our invitation is to DO MORE TOGETHER.

We can create brighter futures for more children worldwide

Together, let’s raise $30,000 in essential funds by the end of the year.

Here are just a few of the comments from our partners on the work that has been accomplished this year:

  • Our students did well and our school ranked in the top third in the country this year.

  • With the death of hundreds of pastors, we expanded to assist their widows and orphans.
    -Hope for Today

  • MCF proudly announced that four of their girls qualified to join the Kenya National Karate Team.
    -Mully Children’s Family

  • 100% of the students in Grade 7 passed their exams. Welcome to the 8th Grade!
    -Wiphan Care Ministries

  • The recently expanded nutrition wing is beyond what we ever expected!
    -Light from Light

  • Food kits, sanitary kits, and 7 water projects have been repaired since the Haiti earthquake.
    410 Bridge

For a monthly pledge, please indicate the monthly amount in the Donation Amount box and tell us that you want to give monthly in the Additional Instructions box. We will set you up for recurring, monthly donations.

  • $50 per month supports 10 children
  • $100 per month supports 20 children
  • $150 per month supports 30 children
  • $200 per month supports 40 children
  • Other amounts are welcome

A special gift now:

  • $60 supports 1 child
  • $120 supports 2 children
  • $240 supports 4 children
  • $480 supports 8 children
  • $960 supports 16 children
  • Other amounts are welcome

We sincerely appreciate your support!
Justin Brasuell
Co-founder / Executive Director




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