Give Hope: Serving the Little Giants

We believe God created BrightPoint for Children for a reason. Our purpose is to connect sponsors with the children of our partners. This makes it possible for our partners to extend their reach further and create brighter futures for more and more children daily. We're so thank­ful that this year we had the opportunity to help our partners extend their reach in many ways including:

  • Seeds of Hope in Jericho in the Middle East was able to extend their education program beyond Kindergarten to add Grade 1 and Grade 2 classes. This means that these young children are able to continue their educa­tion within a loving environment.
  • BrightPoint connected Wiphan Care Ministries to Jack­son Healthcare which resulted in extended medical care for all of their orphaned children in Zambia.
  • The 41 O Bridge extended their reach into Guatemala reaching many special needs and primary school children.
  • Mully Children's Family added a college sponsorship program to extend their impact to students who will become leaders and influencers in their communities and beyond.

Our partners are our heroes. Their strength is in their small size but they are giants in our world. We share a common mission to help see every impoverished or vulnerable child achieve their potential. BrightPoint provides the resourc­es through the sponsorship programs, our partners meet the needs of the children and communities where they serve and the donors and sponsors make it all possible. Their small size enables them to help children in areas that might otherwise be overlooked. They really are little giants. Collectively, our partners have over 200 years of experi­ence in helping children and youth around the world!

For a monthly pledge, please indicate the monthly amount in the Donation Amount box and tell us that you want to give monthly in the Additional Instructions box. We'll set you up for recurring, monthly donations.

  • $50 per month supports 10 children
  • $100 per month supports 20 children
  • $150 per month supports 30 children
  • $200 per month supports 40 children
  • Other amounts are welcome

A special gift now:

  • $60 supports 1 child
  • $120 supports 2 children
  • $240 supports 4 children
  • $480 supports 8 children
  • $960 supports 16 children
  • Other amounts are welcome

We sincerely appreciate your support!
Justin Brasuell
Co-founder / Executive Director