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Photo of Sydney

Sydney Sabatia Selebwa

Sydney and his sister spent most of their young lives on the streets of Nairobi. Their parents suffered from addiction and failed to take care of them, leaving them to fend for themselves. They were eventually taken in by an orphanage and given the opportunity to get an education. After graduating from secondary school, Sydney volunteered at the orphanage for two years before joining SOHCO Vocational Centre to learn a trade. He enjoys time with his brothers at the centre and feels he has been born again.

Navaisha Vocational Training Center
Navaisha, Kenya
January 01, 1995
SOHCO Vocational Training Center

Sydney's Unmet Needs

Basic Needs

Your sponsorship will provide for training materials, food, shelter, and other incidentals required for this vocational training program.

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Total required to fully sponsor Sydney: $90