The 410 Bridge The 410 Bridge engages followers of Christ to help people in developing nations lift themselves from poverty, restoring dignity, purpose, and freedom. The 410 Bridge works alongside local churches and leadership to assess and leverage their community’s gifts and strengths, not just their needs.

Santos Esneyder Cano

Partner: The 410 Bridge
Community: Rancho Viejo
Location: Rancho Viejo , Guatemala
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 24, 2012
Age: 7
School: Caserio La Cabana Primary School
Grade: 2
Santos loves to play soccer. His favorite color is green and beef is his favorite food. He lives with his parents and has one brother and one sister. He makes his own bed at home and loves art. Santos' ambition is to become a doctor someday.

Santos' Unmet Needs

Primary School
We believe that change happens when we focus on investing our time, efforts and resources in developing young lives. These children and their families have special needs that require additional support in their communities. Children in the sponsorship program will receive services that help them realize a future that enables them to dream with their Creator and become who He has called them to be.
(2 sponsorships are needed to fund Santos )
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