Glory Outreach Assembly Glory Outreach Assembly (GOA) embarked on a spiral trailblazing mission to accomplish the task of being witnessed not only in Jerusalem but to the uttermost parts of the world. GOA’s child compassion ministry works with vulnerable children and orphans to meet the basic needs and education requirements for children in eight GOA children homes throughout Kenya.

Cynthia Josephine Njeri

Partner: Glory Outreach Assembly
Community: Tumaini Childrens Home
Location: Kinangop , Kenya
Rescued: 2018
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 01, 2005
Age: 15
School: GOA Edu Ctr PS
Grade: Class 8 (8th Grade)
Cynthia is the child of a single mother. Her father abandoned them over ten years ago and she has never met him. Though her mother tried to support the family, the children often missed school and often relied on the kindness of neighbors to get by. A teacher referred them to Tumaini. Cynthia is now able to go to school without the worry of being sent home for school fees.

Cynthia's Unmet Needs

Basic Needs
Your monthly sponsorship will provide food, clothing and medical care for your child at the Tumaini home.
Primary School
Your monthly sponsorship provides what is needed for your child to receive a quality education. These needs include a school uniform, school supplies and books.
(3 sponsorships are needed to fund Cynthia )
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