Mully Children's Family Mully Children’s Family’s goal is to win the trust of every child and show them continuous genuine fatherly and parental love that is based on God’s love for humanity. This includes food, housing, clothing, education, spiritual education, medical care, councilling, training and extracurricular activities including arts and sports. Our that last 30 years this model has been successful in the transformation of the lives of over 12,000 vulnerable children.

Karisa Kombe Kahindi

Partner: Mully Childrens Family
Community: College and University Students
Location: Ndalani , Kenya
Rescued: 2006
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 01, 1998
Age: 21
Grade: Year 1
Course of Study: Nurse; School: Public University (4 yrs); Karisa's father passed away in 2003 and he was left under the care of his pregnant mother who was jobless. Their uncles took their land and chased them away and they were forced to relocate to their grandmother's home. Things were no different there as they continued to be mistreated, denied food and slept outside. MCF rescued Karisa in 2006 and he was able to finish his education graduating from secondary school in 2016. Karisa is currently serving in the Home Department while awaiting a sponsor to begin his university program.

Karisa's Unmet Needs

Mully Children's Family provides residential care and rehabilitation for street children as well as orphaned and vulnerable children. MCF has an established, well run Education Department that ranges from Nursery School up to Secondary School and for those who qualify, the opportunity for post-secondary education to help them become all that God has destined them to be as leaders in their communities, country and the world. This student has qualified for a public unversity program lasting four years at a cost of $5,000 per year.
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